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The g-Guide

X-Venture g-Guide

  • Improving Employee Competence
  • Improving Contractor Competence
  • Improving Worker Safety
  • Improving Safety In Emerging Markets
  • Improving Venue Safety

The g-Guide

The g-Guide – Global Standards.

The g-Guide is a collaborative initiative between X-Venture and a number of leading event organisers with global portfolios committed to improving standards of health and safety at exhibitions and conferences.

The guide itself lays out in a simple format the basic standards required to build and run a safe event and has been translated into a number of foreign languages. It is designed to be universally applicable The principle is that where the country or the venue set higher standards those standards apply. Where the standards are either not clear or are unacceptably low then the g-Guide standards should apply. The g-Guide is free to down load and is available to all without any membership restrictions.

The g-Guide endorsers are: